PostHeaderIcon Upgrade to iPhone OS 4 Causes Visual Voicemail to Require Reset

With Apple's latest release of the new iPhone Operating System refered to as IOS 4.0 offering so many new features I had to try it out as soon as it became available. After trying on the first day to download it and finding the download to be very slow due to overwhelming demand, I waited until the next morning. Next morning, I jumped right in and let iTunes grab the update and perform the upgrade. As with previous ones, the upgrade was performed without a hitch.

Once the upgrade was completed, I of course started going through and checking to make sure all my features were working correctly. Then a momentary panic set in when I discovered my Visual Voicemail was absent and my phone was dialing up voicemail instead. Luckily the problem is easily resolved.

For those of you who will inevitably be faced with this same situation, here is how to get it back.

  1. Dial 611 from your iPhone

  2. Select option 1 to confirm you're calling about your cell phone number

  3. Select option 3 to get help with Voicemail

  4. Select option 3 to reset

  5. Enter your billing zipcode

  6. You then get texted with a new password which you ironically will not need.

  7. Hang up

  8. Go back to your Voicemail button

  9. You are now presented with with an option for Set Up Now

    Voicemail Set Up Now Screen on iPhone

  10. You're now prompted to Enter a new Voicemail password

    Set Password

  11. Reenter it again

  12. You will now need to rerecord your Voicemail greeting if you did not use the default greeting before.

    iPhone Custom Voicemail option

  13. Hit save

Your Visual Voicemail will now be restored!

Update Note: This fix was performed and verified on an iPhone 3Gs which was never jailbroken. If you have jailbroken your iPhone this solution may not work for you.